Ningbo’s first intellectual sports base was put into use

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 15 July 2019 15:56

Located in Green Island Park, Ningbo’s first intellectual sports base was put into use recently. In the future, by creating a new sports park model of “intellectual sport+ park”, it will be a key place for Ningbo to promote intellectual sports.

Surrounded by water on three sides, the base is opposite to Ningbo Grand Theater by water, along with the surrounding quiet environment and picturesque scenery. The two-story main building with a building area of1200 square meters brings together various functions to meet the needs of competition, communication and training of intellectual sports such as “Five Chess and One Card” and so on.

“The city’s first intellectual sports base settled in Jiangbei because of its good foundation in the development of intellectual sports.” according to the Jiangbei District Sports Bureau. In 2010, Jiangbei District hosted the first Asian Bridge Championship, in which the men’s and women’s championship trophies were named “Ningbo Cup” and “Cicheng Cup”. In 2015, three national chess and card event bases were

successively settled in Jiangbei, which were the national chess and card sports promotion base, the national bridge competition training base, and the national chess competition training base. All of these have laid a good foundation for Jiangbei to build an intellectual sports base.

In recent years, through the implementation of the “sports + park”, “sports + leisure” models, Jiangbei gradually explored a road to the development of sports public services with regional characteristics. The base will be open to the public and properly charged, and all the proceeds will be used for the construction and development of the Ningbo intellectual sports base