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Ningbo enterprises benefit from VAT reduction of imports

“Since the VAT rate was lowered on April 1 this year, the import value-added tax that we need to pay has been greatly reduced.” On May 22nd, the person in charge of Supertime (Ningbo) Malt Co., Ltd. said that it has helped them save 24,000 yuan in taxes from 1,000 tons of imported barley.

Since April 2019, VAT rate on imported goods has been lowered overall. Imported goods that enjoy VAT reform are mainly two categories: for the first category, the tax rate is adjusted from 16% to 13%, mainly including mineral products, crude oil, machinery and equipment; the other is adjusted from 10% to 9%, mainly including agricultural products, natural gas, agricultural machinery, petroleum liquefied gas, etc. According to statistics from Ningbo Customs, Ningbo enterprises enjoyed a tax reduction of nearly 1.23 billion yuan in April.

The person in charge of Jinguang Food (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. said that after the tax rate was lowered by 1 point, the company's import VAT in April was reduced by 3.65 million yuan. It is estimated that the annual VAT paid in 2019 can be reduced by 16.58 million yuan

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