First "Road to Railway" coal train launched in Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Friday, 24 May 2019 16:58

On the afternoon of May 20th, the coal railway line in Zhenhai harbor area of Zhoushan Port was quite busy. The “35-ton open-top carriage” loaded with 30 standard boxes was sent to Shaoxing after completion of the trial installation. This is the first water and rail transfer coal business of Ningbo Zhoushan Port to implement the national “Road to Railway” project and introduced a new model of railway bulk cargo transportation in the port.


It is learned that the "road to railway" coal train uses water and railway transfer mode. The loaded"35-ton open-top carriage" is the first model of Ningbo Zhoushan Port railway, which is convenient to load and unload and has high environmental protection standards. After the successful trial operation of this project, it will form a demonstration effect with convenient, environmentally friendly, door-to-door service advantages, and can benefit coal customers in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other regions, which will provide strong support for Ningbo Zhoushan Port railway express train brand.

In order to solve the problem of unsatisfactory port collection and distribution system and strengthen road overrun and overload control, in 2018, the Ministry of Transport and other nine departments jointly issued a notice requesting the organization and implementation of “road to railway” project for the port bulk cargo to promote the development of container railway and water combined transport to improve the use of containers in railway freight transportation.

According to the plan, by 2020, the traffic volume of bulk cargo by roads in coastal ports nationwide will be reduced by 440 million tons