Labor models from manufacturing

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Saturday, 11 May 2019 20:18

During the 26 years of BOC (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd., Bao Hailu has been working in the front line of the positive ring forming position of the company's alkaline battery production line. He has grown from an apprentice into one of the captains in the most advanced alkaline battery production equipment in China and the world.

As “the Premiere in the Lane” in the past 18 years, Huang Jufen, secretary of the Party Committee of the Red-crowned Crane Community, and the masses of the community have worked hard to change the Red-crowned Crane community into a quality new home... On the afternoon of April 30th, they all gloriously put on their sashes and medals, and they appeared in the "May 1" International Labor Day and the Model Workers Advanced Commendation Conference in Ningbo.

It is learned that among the 148 municipal-level labor models commended this year, the proportion of front-line workers, professional and technical personnel, personnel from the agricultural production bases and science and education personnel is as high as 86%, and among the 88 model collectives that have been commended, 60% are from enterprises and social organizations. In the industry distribution of municipal-level labor models, manufacturing accounted for 29%,

the highest; science, education, culture and health accounted for 18%; post and telecommunications, and transportation accounted for 8%; agriculture accounted for 5%; and the rest covered construction, water supply and power, tourism, accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail trade, finance and other industries.

The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions said that in the labor model selection, while ensuring that the candidates can meet the requirements like identity, proportion, structure, etc., the focus is on the key objectives of “six struggles for breakthrough and three years for the new top”. The task focuses on deepening the “maximum once” promotion of key areas, implementing the “246” trillion-dollar industrial cluster cultivation strategy, promoting the rural revitalization action plan and ensuring the improvement of people's livelihood. The recommendation work not only highlights the features of Ningbo industry, but also takes into consideration its representativeness, advancement, leadership and characteristics of the times