Construction of ​​Ningbo Software Park speeds up

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 15 April 2019 14:43

On April 10th, Ningbo National High-tech Zone released the Elite Software Talents Introduction Program, the first in the city to promote the precise talents introduction in software and information technology industry. In addition to the support policies for the software and information service industry, Ningbo National High-tech Zone (New Materials Technology City) will arrange nearly 600 million yuan of funds each year to introduce and cultivate high-end talents and high-end projects to help build the core area of Ningbo Software Park.

Ningbo Software Park is the core carrier of Ningbo to create a distinctive Chinese software city. The construction of the 3.1 square kilometer core area of the software park in the high-tech zone will follow the “one focus and two polar” pattern to build a “Yongjiang Software Valley and Smart Internet Bay” which has national influence.

Since the establishment of Ningbo Software Park for half a year, the High-tech Zone has integrated 350,000 square meters of space resources such as Ningbo Smart Garden and Ningbo New Materials (International) Innovation Center for the development of software and information service related enterprises. The 150,000 square meters space of Ningbo Software Park

will also introduce a number of high-quality projects with industry influence and significant leading effect, and incubate and cultivate a group of innovative start-up enterprises.

"In the near future, we will organize some small and medium-sized enterprises to concentrate on technical exchanges and help them build a production-oriented industrial Internet platform." The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Hollysys Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. said that only half a year after the establishment, more than 100 R&D personnel have been put in place. And they have invested more than 15 million yuan in research and development. As a key project for Ningbo to create a distinctive Chinese Software City, the Hollysys Industrial Internet Platform with a total investment of 1 billion yuan will become the global headquarters of the Group's intelligent manufacturing technology services.

As with Hollysys, a number of supporting projects responsible for the creation of a software city have begun to take shape: Megvii robot project has achieved a monthly capacity of 500 units, and the city brain and new retail business are progressing smoothly. The revenue in 2019 is expected to be 400 million yuan; Huawei "Wo Tu Workshop" has docked more than 400 Ningbo enterprises and held more than 10 training, seminars and docking activities; ChinaSoft International Ningbo Cloud Software Park was officially launched and 10 companies have settled in; Powerfultone Dental Insurance Internet platform project will raise $8 million in the first half of the year...

"The initial formation of the Internet platform, industrial Internet, industrial application software, Internet of Things, e-commerce and other industrial clusters has come true. In the near future, we will also start the construction of a new carrier covering more than 200 acres so as to highlight the effectiveness and image of the core area as soon as possible and provide strong support for the construction of a distinctive Chinese software city,” said the relevant person in charge of the High-tech Zone Management Committee