Artificial breeding of Xikeng fish

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 15 April 2019 14:34

Recently, Shi Xingjun, the head of Shengfeng Freshwater Fish Farm in Longguan Township, carefully selected grouper fry, and moved them to the pond for artificial breeding. “Two years ago, we succeeded in solving a series of technical problems such as artificial breeding of pond grouper and pond culture management through a step-by-step running water culture model.” Lao Shi said that when the fish fry grows to 50g after a year, it can be for sale. The price is about 120 yuan per kilogram and is very popular in the market.

For more than 10 years, with the rise of rural tourism and farmhouses, the delicious wild fish in the mountainous streams has been overhunted and resources have been seriously degraded. Wu Yongcheng, a senior engineer at the Municipal Institute of Ocean and Fisheries, said that in the mountainous areas of Ningbo, wild fish such as mackerel and freshwater grouper were previously common in the streams, but it is difficult to see them now. Only through artificial breeding, Xikeng fish can leave the stream to meet the market supply while protecting the mountainous ecological environment.

Three years ago, under the support and guidance of the fishery science and technology department, Fenghua, Yuyao and Ninghai encouraged farmers to try artificial domestication of Xikeng fish. Fenghe Farms in Yuelin Street of Fenghua introduced 50,000  mackerel from Xinchang, and realized the first artificial cultivation of mackerel in the pond in the province, and explored a complete set of mature farming modes such as water quality management and compound feed feeding.

Tong Xinliang, head of the Bozeng Aquaculture Farm in Langxia Street, Yuyao said that before 2019, three farm ponds in the field produced 1,500 kilograms of mackerel. The average price was 130 yuan per kilogram, and the surrounding farmhouses and restaurants placed orders. The benefits are much higher than the culture of crucian and grass carp.

It is learned that there are currently more than 10 Xikeng fish farms in the city. In addition to mackerel, freshwater grouper, and wide-finned pheasant, the artificial breeding of “Tubu fish” has also been successful, and it has been exported to Jiangsu, Anhui and other places. Fishery science and technology personnel said that with the breakthrough of technical difficulties, the survival rate of artificially cultured mackerel is now 80%, the yield per mu can reach 40,000 yuan, and it can be mixed with shrimps, crabs and turtles to further improve the benefits and help farmers increase their income.

Lin Qinghuan, dean of the Municipal Institute of Marine and Fisheries Research, said that the prospect of artificially bred Xikeng fish market is good. With the increase of cultured species, some of them can be used for the proliferation and release, so that fish will swim in the stream again and the mountainous ecological environment can be improved