5G+ microwave base station built in Ningbo

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 15 April 2019 14:33

At noon on April 5, the first 5G+ microwave base station in China was officially launched by Ningbo Mobile on Qiliyu Island in the estuary of Yongjiang River in Zhenhai, the throat of Ningbo Port. The 5G signal covered the anchorage, routes of Ningbo Port and the surrounding area of Ningbo-Zhoushan express way.

This is not only the first time to realize 5G coverage of remote islands in the country, but also marks the official inauguration of 5G era in Yongjiang River Estuary.

"Whether it is a popular 4G network, or the upcoming 5G era, communication base station construction is the foundation and key." Chen Wenzhao, deputy manager of Ningbo Mobile Engineering Construction Department, said that according to field tests, the uplink rate reaches 90Mbps and the downlink rate reaches 800Mbps, 10 times the download speed of 4G network.

"The successful launch of the mobile 5G+ microwave base station, as a technological innovation, not only verified the innovative combination of mobile 5G + Huawei microwave transmission

, which can bring effects like ultra-high speed, low latency, efficient spectrum use, easy installation, cost reduction and efficiency increase, also opened up innovative attempts for scenarios where wired fiber is difficult to deploy in remote areas such as islands and mountains.

The microwave equipment optimizes communication problems between mobile 5G base stations and core networks. The 5G coverage of islands and oceans has profound significance for Ningbo and has played a demonstration and promotion role throughout the country,” said Wang Ren, director of network optimization at Ningbo Mobile Network. At the scene, a high-definition camera equipment is set up on the towering mobile 5G base station. By connecting the 5G+ microwave high-speed network, users can clearly view the ships in Yongjiang River Estuary and the 10,000-ton freighter in Jintang on the mobile cloud video app. The distant Ningbo-Zhoushan express way is like a white ribbon that connects the sky.

It is reported that up to now, Ningbo Mobile has opened 30 commercial standard base stations, and completed more than 90 technical tests for the first time in the world to achieve inter-vendor terminal and network interconnection, and is currently promoting the construction of 5G pilot zone with the highest level and highest standards, leading the development of Ningbo 5G, taking the lead in advancing the “four ones” 5G network advance construction plan: one city, one park, one bay and one port, and the construction and deployment of “5G Asian Games Village” and “5G Science and Technology Grand Corridor”, preparing 5G infrastructure empowerment, 5G platform empowerment and 5G industry empowerment for the number one digital economy project, and promotes the development of Ningbo 5G and digital economy