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You are here: These places are easy to water, it is best to choose road bypass

These places are easy to water, it is best to choose road bypass

Since the flood season, the city began to enter the rainy season. City urban, there are some sections of easy water, and reporters to the urban management department has combed the public to be careful when passing through these sections in the rainy weather, or pay attention to detour.
  The youngest area easy to water the sections to see the right red dot marked.
  Beilun District: the four largest port, Chittagong Rd, Minshan Road, Minnesota Road, north of Yokogawa Road, Tianmu Road and North Road intersection, Fuchun River Road and Mount Road intersection and other sections of the public please note that these The road is easy to stagnant water sections, we must be careful, the best detour.
  Yinzhou District: If you encounter a long heavy rain, pedestrians and motor vehicles to avoid easy water through the Lite Road overpass, Xinyuan Road and the former Lake Road intersection and four minthi of road sections, so as not to delay your trip.
  Urban management and municipal staff to remind the encounter do not understand the depth of the water, it is best to choose the bypass road, can not wade too deep. Some familiar sections, must not with previous driving experience, fast by, causing the tires skid, the car lost control, the splash will hurt the non-motor vehicle lanes pedestrians. Generally spray the place is likely to have larger stones or obstructions; calm the water is generally deep water. Rainy slippery road surface friction coefficient decreases, be sure to slow down while driving, keep the distance between the front and rear vehicle, ahead of the psychological preparation of emergency measures. As close as possible to the road the middle of traffic separation schemes or middle of the road green belt driving, because the terrain here is relatively high. There are carts passing in the side, it is best to avoid the next cart after, roll up the water may result in transient high ground water potential.
  Finally, be reminded that, if we find where there is stagnant water, please call the city management hotline 96310, they will be sent to exclude water as soon as possible.
Source 2012-6-19 9:00:26 Ningbo Evening News


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